The Only ‘No Risk’ Way to Go Solar for Water Heating

Pay As You Go Solar Water Heating

From only R328 per month

Guaranteed financial savings on electricity costs every month from day 1

Flexible – a rolling monthly rental contract, you can cancel at any time

Attractive – only the solar collector sits on the roof

Maintenance and repairs included

Electrical back up retained to ensure hot water for bad weather days

Net Rand Financial Benefits Every Month – you can’t lose

Projected Financial Savings – After Rental Costs

Estimated at 40% on water heating costs every month for 300 litres

Estimated at 35% on water heating costs every month for 200 litres

Estimated at 30% on water heating costs every month for 150 litres

Simple, Safe, Efficient and Reliable

SABS Tested, Passed & SABS Mark

British & German design, manufactured locally in South Africa

A member of SESSA – Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa