Summary Benefits – Why this is the NO RISK way to go Solar

Removes the risk of a mistake in choosing the wrong solar water heater for your home

No need to find a large capital sum to buy a solar water heater

No need to enter into a long term credit finance agreement

If you don’t achieve the financial or electrical savings, hand it back

You cannot lose, the financial savings on electricity savings will always exceed the rental cost

No need to understand how it works, or what type of system it is – the savings will prove it

If you need a bigger system just add to it rather than having to replace

Locally made in South Africa, SABS tested and passed and SABS Mark

Operated by leaders in the solar water heating industry

Full back up service for repairs and maintenance with local agents to your area

Central helpline for any problems as well as local agents, and the services of an Independent Ombudsman

Safe, reliable and secure, with exceptional savings not matched by any other solar water heating system