How Does PAYGS Work?

Do You Qualify?

You need to have an electricity bill that is in excess of R500 per month

An electric geyser in your home

The Simple NO RISK Way to Go Solar

Pay As You Go Solar is a simple monthly rolling rental contract of a solar water heating system that will save approx. 100% of the costs of heating water by electricity

After paying the rental cost to PAYGS you will save 30% to 40% on cost of heating water by electricity every month, depending on the size of system

You can cancel the monthly rolling rental contract at any time, for any reason, thereby providing you with total flexibility

At the end of 10 years rental, (where you will have saved money every month) the title (ownership) of the system will be transferred to you for a nominal residual value or the deposit, and you should enjoy another 15 years or more savings on the costs of heating water

Application Process

Pay As You Go Solar has appointed agents around the country

You can apply for a PAYGS system direct with PAYGS or through the local agent in your area

Your details need to be completed (see ENQUIRE NOW) and PAYGS will then undertake various credit checking

You will enter into the monthly rental agreement and a direct debit agreement for payment of the monthly rental

A deposit will be taken to cover the possibility of monthly rental defaults

Following the receipt of the deposit and acceptance the appointed installer will install the chosen PAYGS solar water heating system

In most cases you will be dealing with the local appointed agent in your area

Installation Process

The Pay As You Go Solar appointed agent will install the chosen PAYGS system in your home free of charge

In the unlikely event that your home is not compliant with plumbing laws, if remedial work is required the PAYGS installer can undertake the remedial work, but only after agreeing with you what needs to be done and the cost

The time and date of installation will be agreed between you and the installer and normally take place within 21 days of completed paperwork. In the event of any delays you will be kept fully advised

A 150l PAYGS system should be installed in a couple of hours and a 300l system in less than ½ a day

Cancellation of PAYGS

You can cancel the PAYGS monthly rental contract at any time

A cancellation notice of 4 months will apply, where for example if you cancelled in January the system will be removed at the end of May

If you cancel the PAYGS system will be removed at no cost to you subject to all monthly rental payments being up to date

Following cancellation the rental deposit will be returned to you

The signed rental agreement between you and PAYGS will detail the specific terms

Deposit paid to PAYGS

A deposit normally of 4 months will be paid prior to installation to cover the possibility of rental defaults

In some cases this could be longer

The deposit needs to have been paid prior to installation taking place

In the event of cancellation the deposit will be returned to you

Repairs and Maintenance

PAYGS will undertake repairs and maintenance on the PAYGS system at no cost to you, including parts and labour

PAYGS will check that the system is working perfectly by contacting you at least once a year, with periodic visits when necessary

Insurance and Storm Damage

You are liable for storm damage or destruction of the PAYGS system installed in your home.

You are advised to contact your insurer or broker to make sure you are covered for storm damage

In the event of storm damage your appointed installer will make the necessary repairs and the costs for the call out will need to be paid and recovered from your insurer

Home Sale

In the event you are moving home you can either cancel the PAYGS rental contract or transfer the contract to the new owners

Please contact PAYGS for assistance

Customer Care

In the event of any problems you can contact your appointed installer or PAYGS centrally to sort out the situation.