PAYGS Solar Water Heating Technologies

PAYGS Solar Water Heating Technologies

PAYGS has designed and developed new solar technologies over the last 5 years (with patents and patents pending) that have been tested and passed by the SABS and carry SABS Mark.

Being more efficient (power output) at a lower manufacturing cost enables the first true solar rental model to be offered in South Africa

All the PAYGS SWH systems are split indirect forced circulation systems that use EVT’s (evacuated tubes) for the solar collector.

EVT’s are chosen not necessarily because they are better or worse than for example flat plate collectors, but because they provide the PAYGS with greater flexibility to match the solar collector size (the engine) to the tank volume, and to take into account differences in solar radiation around the country.

Existing tanks are used for retrofits, and with the addition of extra tanks to increase the volume of the system from 150l to 300l or more.

The overall approach is to maximize the electrical savings, combined with total reliability and total safety, irrespective of whether the system is being used daily, or whether the owners are away on holiday when the system is not being used.

Unlike many SWH systems only the solar collector sits on the roof, and the tank is hidden away inside the roof void or in a cupboard. This is less obtrusive, and blends easily into the roof profile.