Proving the savings?

Proving the savings?

PAYGS undertakes various monitoring and verification (M&V) of the electrical savings on the PAYGS systems installed

A representative sample of homes with PAYGS systems will be monitored on an ongoing basis

A M&V tracker will record the kWh used in heating water before installation to create a baseline

Following installation the same tracker will record the temperature of the geyser on a minute by minute basis.

Any electrical back up used, or when the electrical element turns ‘on’ to boost the water temperature is recorded on a minute by minute basis, and the total electricity consumed is recorded by minute, by day, by month

The M&V system enables the calculation of the amount of hot water being used in the home, and a water meter may be added to provide additional verification.

PAYGS customers can opt to have the additional tracker put into their home, (an additional monthly charge will be levied) which enables the homeowner to go on line through their telephone, tablet or computer and see the performance in real time