How Does the Rental Plan Work?

Monthly Rolling Contract

PAYGS will rent you a solar system on a monthly rolling contract

At the end of 10 years rental (where you will have saved every month) title to PAYGS will be transferred to renter and no further payments will be made.

You can cancel the rental contract at any time for any reason providing total flexibility

Application & Installation

Following completion of the application process, which includes various credit checking, a rental deposit is payable, and the rental contract is entered into

The rental as stipulated in the rental contract is collected monthly by direct debit

A PAYGS appointed installer will supply and install the PAYGS system in the home at no cost provided no remedial or compliance work is required

If additional work is required in order to be compliant with building and plumbing regulations such remedial work will be carried out by the installer, with the costs agreed between the installer and the renter prior to the work being carried out

Repairs & Maintenance

In the event of repairs or maintenance being required such work will be carried out by the appointed installer at no cost to the renter (T&C in the rental contract apply)


If you cancel the rental, the PAYGS system will be removed by the appointed installer at no cost and the property left in the same condition as prior to rental

House Sale

If you are moving home, either the rental contract can be cancelled or transferred to the new owners