What will you save in kWh?

Electricity kWh Saving

PAYGS solar water heating systems are designed to save the kWh’s used by the electric resistance element to heat water in the electric geyser.

The PAYGS solar collector, the engine that generates heat from solar, is matched to the size of the tank, with the intention of replacing 100% of the electricity that would be used to heat that volume.

PAYGS solar collectors are bigger than most solar water heaters as they achieve 95%-105% electricity savings while other solar water heaters will typically replace 65%-80% of the electricity used to heat the tank

On bad weather days, the solar collector will not achieve 100% efficiency in replacement of the kWh’s, but in perfect weather they will heat the water to higher temperatures than 60 C, being effectively 105% efficient.

kWh Saved and Financial Savings

There are over 2,000 electricity tariffs in South Africa. Prices per kWh typically range from R1,65 to R2,25 per kWh, depending on kWh units consumed and including VAT and service charges.

Financial savings by installing a PAYGS system is calculated by taking the highest cost per kWh on your electricity bill, and multiplying by the kWh output of the system on an average day at 20MJ m2 p/d.