Why Rent rather than Buy?

Why Rent rather than Buy?

Renting completely removes the risk of buying an expensive piece of equipment, which may or may not perform as expected.

Many people who have invested in solar have been disappointed by the savings they have achieved. Either the solar systems are too small, or not powerful enough (kWh output) or a combination of the two.

PAYGS technology is known to deliver the electrical savings through solar (see performance).

Buying a SWH is a much bigger and more complex decision.

Which system, what type of solar technology, what are the performance outputs, which is better or worse, how much money will be saved are all questions that are already answered by renting but which need to be researched thoroughly if you are going to buy.

Renting is also more attractive than buying on credit, (hire purchase or lease finance) as one is not tied into a long term financial obligation.

Renting also removes the upfront capital investment, thereby making solar affordable to everyone, with system sizes to suit all types of homes.

Renting also includes repairs and maintenance. It stops working, you call the appointed installer or PAYGS customer care line and it is repaired for free (T&C apply)

PAYGS will also transfer title to the renter after 10 years free of charge.

If a renter wants to buy a PAYGS system after 2 years rental there will be an option to do so.